Metal Gear in UE4 WIP-01

Hi folks, welcome to my new wip about Metal Gear Solid.
Mission: create a restyle of metal gear solid (precisely the rex’s hangar)  in unreal engine 4. It’s a long work, but I will finish (I think :P). So… let’s start.

IMG_2219 IMG_2243 IMG_2190

First week

Before leaving to go with the 3D modeling, I designed in Illustrator the entire map.

Ground floor
Ground floor
First floor
First floor


Second floor
Second floor

After the map, I started to create the volume blocks in UE4 and main rules for navigate in the map.

corridor water_1 water_2About the water I created this procedural shader.

At the end of the first week this was the result.
Until next time 🙂

One Response to “Metal Gear in UE4 WIP-01”

  1. Devon Skatvold

    DO IT!!!! O.O Keep the game in the fans hands!!! I fully support this! looks great!



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