Metal Gear in UE4 WIP-02

Building the Rex – The legs

Hi guys, before to procede to built the environment (the other two floors), I need to know how big is the metal gear, because I can place the scaffolding correctly.
So, in maya I’m starting to create the Rex.
First step. The references.

Google and pinterest are my best friends, but were not sufficient, so I played on metal gear solid 1 and 4 on ps3, and I took many many screenshot :P. I truly understand how they work the rex’s legs, how he can move and from where the missiles/bullets are launched.




Let’s start with maya. I modelled everything in poly, no subD. For some details, I decided to interpret them freely using as a reference Bulgarov’s work that I think are a great example of hard surface and plausible design.



untitled.66At the week end, this was the result:

Stand by position (Metal Gear Solid 4)

Stand by position (Metal Gear solid 1)

Sprint position (Metal Gear solid 1-4)

That’s all folks! See you next week 😉


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